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Banana Bread with Sourdough Starter (Recipe Review)


Growing up in the bay area, I knew and loved my sourdough bread. I recently learned about making your own sourdough starter. I have been following the guidelines from Maurizio at The Perfect Loaf. His guides has everything one needs to know on how to create and maintain a sourdough starter. I use a 50/50 flour mixture of dark rye flour and all-purpose flour. This is the flour that I use - Bob's Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour, 22 Ounce (Pack of 4). I buy it off of Amazon because the flour isn't readily available in my local grocery stores.

With the sourdough starter, you have to routinely discard part of it to keep the size manageable. Maurizio has a few recipes here that use up that discard instead of throwing it away. Why throw something away that you can use? I decided to make the banana bread recipe since I had a few bananas to use up anyways. The bread turned out wonderful. I didn't make any significant changes. The original recipe in italics & my notes/adapta…

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (Recipe Review)


Finally, it is summertime! I have been done with studies for awhile. Catching up on baking, er blogging! With school done, my significant other and I went to get ice cream at a local late-night shop. They serve their ice cream sundaes with two Famous Amos-like chocolate chip cookies.

The cookies sparked up a conversation about favorite cookie recipes. This chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe came to mind. I went through a phase where all I baked was variations of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Some times there were nuts or raisins, but the base was always the same. The recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction is my favorite for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, pretty easy to add nuts and raisins if desired. The only semi-significant change that I did was the order of the steps. From my experience, combining the dry ingredients first is better so the butter and egg mixture doesn't sit too long. I am pretty slow and meticulous about measuring everything, so that could just b…