Photo Essay 1 - GenCon 2015

[Warning: This post is long overdue, oh well. I wasn't really in the mood to organize tons of photos. <3 Better late than never.]

GenCon 2015 - July 30 - August 2, 2015

So, I'm not at all a big board game player or a big gamer at all. I play a ton of League of Legends and some small mobile games and that's about it. Oh I guess there is Hearthstone too. Yeah, I went to a table-top game convention with the intention of trying out a bunch of board games and spending time with my friends.
I packed so much! More than needed, but I totally needed that cute dress in here!
My travel plans, which went smoothly for once.
My GenCon 2015 badge!

I had no idea how big this convention was going to be. Sure, I saw statistics and heard comments about last year's. But I never actually been to the location. Oh yeah, first time being in Indianapolis much less Indiana. It was a huge occasion, but it had its dense and not so dense areas. There were a few conjunctions where it was hard to maneuver. It wasn't so bad though. ;) My friends were a bit annoyed at me for always taking the stairs instead of using the escalator.

All the different events of the convention were spread out between three different buildings - the Indianapolis Convention Center, JW Marriott, and the Westin Indianapolis Hotel. Originally, I had "tickets" to activities that took place in all three buildings, however, I ended up not going to all of my planned events. whoops. One can buy generic tickets or tickets that are for specific activities at certain times or such. Usually, you buy them ahead of time online and pick them up at will-call or buy them at the consite at will-call. The specific tickets had a higher priority versus generic tickets. For example, on the last day of the convention, we were trying to get into the game library(will go more in depth on it later.) We tried to use our generic tickets. However, since the line was so long, those who had specific tickets for the game library were able to go in first.

Photo Gallery of my GenCon 2015 journey <3 

"What do you mean that you're leaving me!? Who's gonna take photos of me?"

Hey, I'm in the right seat!

Lunch :3

Late-night dinner

Badge <3
Yummy burger with blue cheese, tomato jam, and bacon. Garlic fries!
@The Ram. So good!

Nerdy themed menu @ The Ram.

Saw the documentary, All Work All Play. <3

Death & Taxes module.
Had a lot of fun for my first roleplaying thing.

Game of Thrones themed menu at a food truck.

King Slayer. +.+

Splendor - Gem card game

Red Dragon Inn

League Of Legends play room. Played a 3v3 tournament and lost.

I won a game of Citadels!

A small kale caesar salad@ Yard House.
Good/Expensive. Fancy

Food trucks again! Crab cake sandwich with truffle fries.

Free food from Rio Grande Games room.
<3 They were so sweet.
I loved it. I had a great time with my friends. :) Didn't get much sleep, but oh well.